IBN TV (Al-Itrah broadcasting network) is the first Islamic channel to run from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. IBN TV covers almost the entire region of Dar es Salaam and Tanga.

IBN TV caters to a large demographic market,we produce Kids show, Art and Craft show, English talk shows under “THE WIDE ANGLE” and Kiswahili talks show under “MJADALA”, movies,  documentaries,  Islamic lectures and  Cooking show.

IBN TV is the most effective way to promote your business across the country. Choosing IBN TV as your advertising source will help you reach your customers the fastest way possible.

The reason for you (our esteemed potential advertisers) to choose IBN TV as your advertising source is that we broadcast in 3 different languages namely (English, Kiswahili, Urdu-Hindi-Gujrati) to cater and meet the needs of our wider audience.

Reasons to why advertise with IBN TV

  1. Our advertising rates are the cheapest on TV ( Scrolling and full screen advert)
  2. We offer a competitive prime time slot for our advertisers
  3. Our Editing / Production department can have your adverts designed by us
  4. We run 24 hours a day non stop.

Contact us

Customer service hotline: +255 22 2127555
Mobile phone: +255 712 928 995
Email: IBN