Our Profile

Al ITRAH BROADCASTING NETWORK TELEVISION (IBN TV) itself was established under the management of AL ITRAH FOUNDATION and has been on air officially since March 2003. IBN TV is one of the private media started after liberalization of media industry in Tanzania. IBN TV is the first Islamic channel to run from Dar es Salaam amd covers almost the entire region of Dar es Salaam and Tanga.

With the head quarters in Dar es Salaam,  IBN TV provides a platform complementing the definition of good programming.

IBN TV broadcasts in three different languages namely (English, Swahili and Gujarati – Urdu- Hindi) this channel aims to appeal to both Muslims and non Muslims.

Our Objectives:

  • The main objectives will include preaching the Word of Allah and the divine teachings of His Noble Prophet (peace be upon him & his progeny).
  • To foster Islamic ideology, to enhance inter-sect oral relationship among believers in the Islamic faith and love to all humankind.
  • To foster Islamic ethics and general education to believers and non believers.
  • To serve particular communities by  Informing, Educating, and Entertaining:

This means that it plays a part in improving literacy and education, and provides information. Also it is an empowering tool for development.

IBN TV and Development:

TELEVISION Broadcasting is an extremely powerful means of communication. It is capable of reaching a variety of audiences simultaneously.

It is also a medium of communication, through which an individual shares in the pleasures and sorrows of the world around, and beyond his immediate environment.  If properly applied, TELEVISION broadcasting influences societal values positively, and in doing so, improve and strengthen social, cultural, economic, political and technological fabrics of the nation. Broadcasting is about content. Without content you cannot talk about broadcasting. Therefore, in our TELEVISION, the quality and relevance of content should be at the top of our priority list.

In the end we intend to be the effective, successful medium of communication to be trusted for content accuracy and expertise and to attract viewers from all ages, gender and races.